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Blunt Honest is an ideas man. Creativity and innovation come easily to him. He is able to swirl hundreds of ideas around in his head and think outside of traditional boxes. He is a polymath.

People who know him say he reminds them of Carl Sagan, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Bobby Kennedy, Dean Kamen, George Plimpton, and Bill Nye all rolled into one person.

Blunt Honest is down to Earth and not afraid to speak his mind. He cares about this planet and appreciates the diversity of life on it.

Blunt Honest is a very curious man who likes to learn and reads avidly on a wide range of topics on his continuous journey to understand and improve this world.

In many ways, Blunt Honest represents some of the best aspects of humanity and in some ways, he is just an ordinary guy.

Blunt Honest shows how one person can change the world by using the talents they have to light a spark that others help to grow.

While some people have more talents than others or different kinds of talents, all of us have skills that we can use to change the world.

We live on an amazing planet and that planet is being harmed by how we live, yet many of us fail to see what is happening. Blunt Honest wants to shake things up and restore a sense of reality back into the world.

His mission is to change the rotation of the world by helping people realize that the world doesn’t revolve around one person, one company, one political party, one nation, one race, one religion, or one species.

All of us are Earthlings. Every man, woman, child and creature on this planet are children of the planet Earth.

He wants all of us to work together and help save the world.

You will want to follow the thoughts, ideas and adventures of Blunt Honest, especially if you live anywhere near the planet Earth.

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